PT. Alamjaya Wirasentosa is a distribution company consumer goods in Sumatra (Indonesia). Since August 25, 1992, PT. Alamjaya Wirasentosa is a limited company reside in Medan / Tanjung Morawa. (company strength) Initially our distribution network cover the area of Aceh (NAD) & North Sumatra with the main products from Indofood Group. As time goes by, PT. Alamjaya Wirasentosa expanded its network coverage throughout Sumatra with Indofood Product & Non Indofood Product.


We strive to do our utmost in providing a good services to our Principal and Customers. Request from Principal is attended or process within 24 hours.

Vision & Future

The Company vision is to be one of the biggest Distributor in Indonesia. We are still growing with coverage area of whole Sumatra from Banda Aceh (NAD) until Lampung. Our warehouse strategicly located in Sumatra going forward to realise the company vision, the company will keep on recruiting staff and acquiring asset as needed. Also to invest in Manpower training as well as staff welfare. Apart from food product, we are also looking for fast moving consumer product that is not food related (e.g. toiletries, etc.)